Support the Jumbulance

To help us to continue to offer the special facilities of the Jumbulances we always welcome support.

You can support us by sending us a donation, providing us with goods or services, perhaps organising and running a fund-raising event for us or most importantly offering to volunteer as a carer whether as a Nurse, a Doctor or a lay person. The rewards are huge and the benefits so far reaching.

What do we need funds?

  • To help us to maintain charges at affordable levels for our key clientele
  • To build a reserve for replacement Jumbulances which cost around £350,000-400,000

How can you support us?


Fundraising is an important activity for the Jumbulance. Why not arrange a golf day, a charity auction or a sponsored swim. Every penny raised is gratefully received by the trust, and remember, fundraising should be fun too!

Read our fundraising suggestions


Promotion of the Jumbulance helps us reach new customers, it’s raises our awareness as a charity and doesn’t need to be hard work.  A simple conversation with your friendship group, a mention at your church or a collection box at your place of work all promotes the Jumbulance.

Explore how you can promote us