Start fundraising today

Fundraising is a great way to fund a Jumbulance trip, or to raise funds which contribute towards the running of the Jumbulances.

A number of supporters have raised funds in a variety of ways, raising sums both large and small, all of which are most welcome.  If you have ideas for an event please contact the office for support, advise, fundraising and promotional material.

Here are a few fundraising ideas

  • Car boot sales
  • Golf days
  • Coffee mornings
  • Auctions
  • Good-will collections
  • Sponsored swims
  • Sponsored runs
  • Nominated charity in schools and colleges
  • Tombola’s at local events
  • Donations from individuals in lieu of birthday gifts
  • Raffles at local schools and churches
  • Talent shows
  • Murder mystery evenings


If you are interested in advertising on the Jumbulances please contact the office.