Volunteering on Holiday with Jumbulance

The Jumbulance Trust offers fun, rewarding and social charity volunteer holiday experiences for those who wish to help the groups who take a day trip or a holiday using a Jumbulance, an accessible mode of coach travel. These vehicles open doors for people with disabilities or serious illnesses and offer them the opportunity to look ahead again, to make friends and to have fun with other like minded people.

The charity has two Jumbulance vehicles, complete with drivers, which it makes available to regional groups, disabled community groups, schools, care homes and hospices around the UK and Ireland. The Jumbulance has taken groups all over the England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Europe, including trips to Disneyland Paris, Lourdes and WOMAD festival.

Volunteer work with Jumbulance

In addition to the VIP travellers, their carers and medical assistance, volunteers often travel on these trips to help with everything from getting a number of wheelchairs or trolleybeds on and off the Jumbulances to helping with needs and care disabled travellers throughout the day. A volunteering holiday on a Jumbulance trip can be hard work and incredibly rewarding.  A Jumbulance holiday involves a lot of fun and laughter throughout.

You do not require any particular charity volunteering experience to help on a Jumbulance trip; all groups travel with a medical team and helpers with many years of experience who will be able to advise you. You will never be asked to do anything you do not feel comfortable doing. Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and all walks of life; if you’re compassionate, willing to care for others and have the ability to act on what you are seeing, we’d like to hear from you.

Volunteers do contribute towards their costs. Rarely do any have regrets and many become addicted to joining the annual holiday with a Jumbulance group!

We are confident that a holiday with us will prove to be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime. It’s a great addition to your CV too.

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Why Volunteer with Jumbulance

“I became involved as a volunteer nurse for the Jumbulances in the 1980’s and from my first pilgrimage to Lourdes I knew this was something special.  I have travelled every year since, sometimes doing multiple trips each year and have never lost that enthusiasm and admiration for the high level of care given by all the volunteers.  We open the doors again for sick and disabled people (VIPs) who feel there are no more options for them and this can be liberating for them and their families who need respite from caring almost as much as the VIPs need a real holiday.  It really does make such a difference.

I’ve seen people who have never been abroad, never stayed in a hotel, never swam in the sea and suddenly they are transported out of the confines of their four walls and into a new world with new friendships and  rekindling of their interest in life.

The wonderful 24/7 care they receive from our volunteer helpers and nurses is impressive.  Where needed there will also be a doctor so we can cater for people with quite complex needs.

It is not about being altruistic it is about having fun and meeting people.  At the end of every trip I know why I will return again – exhausted yes but also humbled and my life back in perspective.   They are some of the happiest weeks of my life and the most meaningful.

Don’t just think about it, come and join us.”

Chris Chisholm, Group Leader, Hampshire & Berkshire Jumbulance Group