Volunteer Experiences

Volunteer experiences with The Jumbulance Trust are unique, fun and rewarding trips that allow you to combine your love for caring for others with a passion for travel.

Every year, Jumbulance volunteers help to take hundreds of disabled and other disadvantaged individuals with life-limiting conditions all over the UK and Europe on Jumbulance coaches, an accessible mode of coach travel.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and work alongside carers and medical assistance teams throughout their trip away.

Just this year, Jumbulance volunteers have travelled with groups on trips to WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance) festival, EuroDisney, Brittany and Lourdes, and many other destinations.

The fun continues once the Jumbulance has arrived at its destination, with assisted skiing and touristic town tours being regular activities.

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Volunteer experiences

A pilgrimage to Lourdes

Sue Mullane recalls her “rewarding and fulfilling and at the same time humbling and inspiring” volunteer experience on a Jumbulance trip to Lourdes.

An extraordinary trip to Germany

Leighanne Higgins speaks about volunteering with Jumbulance for the first time on an “extraordinary” trip to Germany.