Terms & conditions

It is a condition precedent to hiring a JUMBULANCE that the following terms and conditions have been accepted in writing by the Group Leader or other responsible person.

1. Definitions
“Group(s)” means the group of individuals travelling in a ‘JUMBULANCE’.
“‘JUMBULANCE’” means the purpose built road vehicle designed for the long distance transport of people with a disability, illness or other handicap. Whilst registered as an ambulance and permitted to use the blue flashing lights and siren in an emergency it does not imply equivalence with a Health Service Ambulance nor are the drivers trained as paramedics. The medical equipment on board is for use by suitable trained personnel only.
“Us” and “We” means the ‘JUMBULANCE’ Trust of Unit 42, Thrales End Business Centre, Thrales End Lane, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 3NS.

“You” means the individual who is organising a Group and with whom We are contracting to provide the ‘JUMBULANCE’

2. Reservation
2.1 Reservations for travel by ‘JUMBULANCE’ shall be in such form We may from time to time require and You will provide all the information that We require in respect of any member of the Group and in particular completed Traveller Forms not later than 4 weeks before departure.
2.2 We strongly advise that all able-bodied travellers should be 16 and over unless travelling as part of a children’s or family group, having regard to liabilities that might fall on the Group Leader or other person taking responsibility.
2.3 Confirmation of travel will depend upon Us being satisfied as to the composition of the Group in relation to disabled people, helpers and medical staff.
2.4 If any information which appears on the Traveller Forms or any other document appears to be incorrect or incomplete, the Trust should be notified as soon as possible.
2.5 You must tell Us of any existing medical problem or disability of any member of the Group that may effect the Group’s travel requirements.
If, in our reasonable opinion, we are not able to provide suitable facilities on the JUMBULANCE for any member of the Group or they are not travelling with someone who can provide any assistance that may be reasonably required, We reserve the right to refuse to accept the booking for that member of the Group.

3. Prices
The prices quoted by Us are for transport by ‘JUMBULANCE’ excluding the cost of Ferries and Travel insurance ( see paragraph 7 ).

4. Payment
4.1 A provisional booking may be made on payment of a non-refundable booking fee of £500.
4.2 On confirmation of the booking a non-refundable deposit will be due in the sum of £1,500 or £150 for trips of 1-4 days. These payments will become due in January prior to travel.
4.3 The balance of the booking fee should be paid not less than 8 weeks before departure. If You book within 8 weeks of the Group’s departure then You must pay the whole cost when You book. If, for any reason, the balance is not received by Us on time We will tell You that the payment is overdue and if it is still not received within 7 days of the reminder We shall be entitled to treat your booking as cancelled and to retain your deposit and booking fee.

5. Changes and Delays
5.1 We may occasionally have to change the transport arrangements as they are made well in advance and We reserve the right to do so. However, We promise that We shall not make significant changes to the confirmed transport arrangements less than 14 days before departure unless We are forced to do so as a result of unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control. A significant change in this context is a change made before departure which, on the basis of the information given to Us by You at the time of booking can reasonably be expected to have a major effect on other holiday arrangements such as hotel bookings.
5.2 If We have to make significant changes We will tell You as soon as reasonably possible and if there is time to do so before departure You can then choose either to accept the changed arrangements or to cancel the booking. If You chose to cancel We will refund any money You have paid to Us.

6. Cancellation and Transfer
6.1 If You wish to cancel your booking of the ‘JUMBULANCE’ You should write to Us but if You cancel within 8 weeks of the travel date 50% of the booking fee will be forfeited.
6.2 If any member of a Group is unable to travel with the Group You may be able to substitute someone else provided You write to Us with full details of the substitute and supply to Us a completed Traveller Form. We must receive this information at least 14 days before departure and the provisions of Paragraphs 1.2 and 1.4 will apply to the substitute. Travel Insurance is not transferable.

7. Holiday Insurance
7.1 Insurance for all members of the Group is available from us. You must obtain and return to us a completed and signed Traveller List. INSURANCE COVER COMMENCES ON THE DATE The SIGNED TRAVELLER LIST AND PREMIUMS ARE RECEIVED BY US.
7.2 IT IS ESSENTIAL that when travelling abroad all personnel should be in possession of a European Health Insurance Card which can be obtained from any Post Office or online at www.gov.uk/european-health-insurance-card
7.3 We will have no liability in respect of any loss suffered by those who have not chosen to take out insurance through Us or independently by another provider, or if any Traveller’s Questionnaire is inaccurately or incorrectly completed.

8. Drivers Discretion
It is a condition of hiring a ‘JUMBULANCE’ that in relation to the use, safety and loading of the vehicle the discretion of the drivers is paramount and final.

9. General Conditions
By signing the Contract, you understand and accept that:
9.1 by hiring a ‘‘JUMBULANCE’’ you are hiring a coach that has been adapted by virtue of its means of access, seating and the addition of basic medical equipment to allow the transport of individuals with disabilities who would not otherwise be able to use a standard nonadapted coach.
9.2 that the drivers of the ‘‘JUMBULANCE’’ are NOT medically trained nor are they able to perform any medical or nursing procedures nor to use ANY of the medical equipment on board.
9.3 that the drivers of the ‘‘JUMBULANCE’s’ are NOT trained in resuscitation.
9.4 that in the event of a medical emergency the drivers of the ‘‘JUMBULANCE’s’ are NOT authorised nor trained to perform any clinical procedures and it is solely the responsibility of the Group to provide appropriately trained individuals to deal with such event.

10. Safety
It is of utmost importance that the safety of the vehicle and passengers should not be compromised to which end group leaders should:
10.1 Read and accept the safety protocols and procedures adopted by the Trust from time to time
10.2 Support the senior driver in any decision he feels obliged to make in relation to safety.
10.3 Strongly encourage all passengers to make use of the safety harness or belts provided.
10.4 Ensure that no more than 2 people are working in the kitchen at any on time.
10.5 Ensure that hand luggage is kept to a reasonable minimum and stored securely.
10.6 Ensure that holiday luggage is kept within reasonable proportions having regard to the limited storage available in the lockers.
10.7 Ensure that no loose or heavy objects are placed on the beds and that no wheelchairs etc are stored within the passenger area that might present a danger in the event of an emergency stop.
10.8 Ensure so far as is reasonably possible the maintenance of a safe environment while any of the Group are on or near the vehicle.
10.9 Ensure compliance with the Trust’s policy of NO SMOKING on the vehicles.

11. Manual Handling of VIP’s
Many VIP’s need manual help from time to time and we strongly advise that group leaders ensure that all those involved in this are aware how to act or if not are adequately instructed so as to obviate causing harm or embarrassment to VIP’s or the carers themselves.

Driver Expenses
Group Organisers will be responsible for providing accommodation and meals for drivers throughout the trip. This will normally mean single rooms, although many hotels abroad offer free accommodation to the drivers and some groups offer hospitality in their homes before leaving.

Tea, coffee, milk and sugar only will be available for use by the Group whilst travelling on the ‘JUMBULANCES’. Other provisions are to be provided by the Group.