Jumbulance Disabled Coach Holiday Destinations

At the Jumbulance Trust, we provide Jumbulance vehicles, a mode of accessible coach travel to charity groups, care homes and hospices enabling them to take sick, disabled, special needs and other disadvantaged individuals on day trips and holidays across the UK and abroad. 

If you’re organising an accessible break, finding the right destination for your holiday is one of the most important decisions to make. The choice of destination has an impact on the entire holiday experience and you need to find somewhere that can both accommodate a range of needs and find accessible activities close by.  

The good news is that there are now more accessible holiday destinations available and more accessibility provisions in place than ever before. That means your holiday and day trip planning can be much more driven by interests, like and dislikes. If you’re not sure about the accessibility and practicality of your chosen destination, contact the destination itself to find out more.

We provide our Jumbulance accessible coaches to regional groups, schools, disabled community groups, care homes and hospices who are making day trips and longer holidays both in the UK and in Europe. 

UK disabled coach day trips

Using our accessible coaches, groups can enjoy some of our favourite wheelchair-friendly day trip locations and activities including: 

  • National Trust Gardens
  • Safari Parks
  • Beach and seaside resorts
  • Historic buildings
  • Sporting activities

UK disabled coach holidays

If you’re looking for a longer break, we can provide an Jumbulance accessible coach for longer breaks. Popular locations include Llandudno and Blackpool.

Find out more about our recommended disabled coach UK holiday locations here.

Disabled coach holidays in Europe

We have built strong relationships with accessible accommodation providers in many destinations across Europe, including Austria, EuroDisney and Lourdes. This accommodation is kitted out to cater for elderly, disabled, special needs and other disadvantaged individuals. 

Find out more about our recommended disabled holiday locations in Europe.

For further information on hotels and recommendations please get in touch.