Your questions, answered

What is a Jumbulance?

A Jumbulance is a luxury coach/ambulance which offers facilities that make travel possible for those who need extra safety, specialist medical attention, accessible facilities and comfort and who would find it difficult, if not impossible to travel by other means of transport.

What equipment is on board a Larger Jumbulance?

A Jumbulance is equipped with either 4 or 5 stretcher beds with adjustable backrests and knee support and 16 or 18 reclining seats. The stretcher beds can be replaced with wheelchairs.  Each Jumbulance has large washroom and toilet suitable for those with disabilities,  a kitchen for hot and cold drinks and preparation of small meals, medical supplies, large hydraulic lift for ease of access, PA system, storage capacity sufficient for luggage and wheelchairs and full air-conditioning.

Who can hire a Jumbulance?

A group of up to 23 people can hire a Jumbulance but this must include sufficient carers for the disabled. Many groups find it beneficial to include in the helper team one or more nurses and a doctor depending on the severity of those who are travelling.

Can individuals hire a Jumbulance?

Yes, the Jumbulance can be hired by individuals/families but sufficient care has to be provided, otherwise we can only accept bookings from groups or their families. We will however try to put individuals in touch with existing groups who are planning trips and frequently they can be incorporated.

How can Groups be formed?

The Trustees and the office are able to advise and assist.  Please phone the office on 01582 765423.

How much does it cost?

This entirely depends on your needs for the Jumbulance, our friendly staff can provide a quick quote over the phone, or through email if you prefer.

How to find out about suitable accommodation?

We have a list of many venues, places of interest and specialist hotels that have been successfully visited over the years. You can also visit the destinations page to see suggested places and reviews of places where previous groups have visited.  Of course, our friendly staff are at the end of the phone, and are happy to advise on suitable accommodation.

What is to be provided for the drivers?

The group will be responsible for arranging and paying for the drivers’ food and accommodation throughout the period of hire.

How much is travel insurance?

From 1st January 2019 the cost of travel insurance is £53.00 per person for overseas trips of up to 10 days. Further details and policy wording are available from our office  or see our Travel With Us page on this website.

What can we expect to pay for channel crossings for the Jumbulance?

Currently the crossing from Dover to Calais is £300 return by ferry or from £570 – £660 return by Eurotunnel. These costs are inclusive of all passengers. The cost of the overnight ferry from Hull -Rotterdam is dependent upon time of travel and number of travellers, this would be quoted for individually.

How can I volunteer as a helper or carer?

Please contact the office or a local group leader.  Details of what is involved in being a volunteer are described on the volunteer page, and a directory of our current groups can be found here.

How much does it cost to be a volunteer?

Normally all helpers and carers pay their own hotel costs but some groups have funds to help in this regard in particular for the younger generation. Raising money to help with your fare is actively encouraged and for information on fundraising ideas see our fundraising page.

How old do I need to be to volunteer?

The minimum age is 16 and there is no maximum, however it is essential that all volunteers are fit, enthusiastic and able to empathise with those they will be caring for, many of whom are seriously disabled or ill.

Why should I volunteer?

Volunteering for the Jumbulance provides a rewarding experience.  Volunteering helps to allow disabled and severely ill people enjoy themselves and can provide their family with much needed respite.  In addition to this it’s a great opportunity for those considering a career in medicine, nursing or caring.  Find out more about volunteering here.