Hire a Jumbulance for Accessible Holidays

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Experience fun, hassle-free accessible holidays and trips for all in the UK & Europe

Are you planning an accessible holiday or day trip but aren’t sure how to travel to your destination? Hiring one of our medically adapted Jumbulances makes accessible travel possible for people with disabilities and other serious illnesses.  It’s a perfect option for groups with special travel requirements.

Our Jumbulances are in excellent condition and well maintained by our skilled drivers.  Wheelchair friendly and fully equipped with essential features such as trolleybeds, defibrillators and oxygen means disabled and severely ill passengers can travel comfortably and safely across the UK and Europe.

Contact us to hire a Jumbulance>>>
T: 01582 765423
E: info@jumbulance.org.uk

We will listen to your requirements and support you with any queries you may have along the way.

Why hire a disabled coach from the Jumbulance Trust?

It is essential that our clients can “trust the Jumbulance Trust” enabling them to have the confidence to travel with us. Our excellent vehicles coupled with our own skilled personnel and robust compliance procedures transforms initial caution into excitement at the prospect of a trip of a lifetime!

Travelling can be difficult if you have a disability or require additional support, or you care for someone who does. As a charity, our aim is to ensure that travel is available for everyone, because we all deserve a break from time to time.

Hiring a Jumbulance means you can travel comfortably as a group without the stress of public transport like aeroplanes or trains. Jumbulances are perfect for groups with varied requirements because our accessible coaches have been equipped for a wide range of scenarios. They can accommodate wheelchair users, elderly passengers and those who are severely ill.

Jumbulance 2 (J2) Specification

  • Driver & Co-driver
  • Max, 21 passengers
  • 16 fixed seats for passengers plus
  • Max. 5 wheelchairs or Max. 4 Stretcher beds (or a combination of both)

Jumbulance 3 (J3) Specification

  • Driver & Co-driver
  • Max. 24 passengers
  • 18 fixed seats for passengers plus
  • Max. 6 wheelchairs or Max 4. Stretcher beds (or a combination of both)

Unique and special features of our Jumbulances include:

  • Fully equipped kitchen for small meal preparation
  • Emergency medical equipment: defibrillator, resuscitator, oxygen, medical supplies
  • Generous storage for wheelchairs and luggage
  • Mobile hoist (for off vehicle use)
  • PA System  / Climate control / WiFi
Dimensions Weight Limits
Height Width Length Gross Vehicle Weight Width Lift Platform Stretcher Bed Lift Hoist
J2 3.73m 2.55m 12.20m 18000kg 1.75m 200kg 400kg 150kg
J3 3.73m 2.55m 14.04m 24500kg 1.75m 200kg 400kg 150kg

Travel on a Jumbulance today

Have you got your big adventure planned? Or need some inspiration for your disabled holiday or accessible day trip? Get in touch with us today to travel with us and book a Jumbulance for your unforgettable journey.