“Some people say I have a way with words; I’m not so sure, but as I reflect on the amazing week that we as VIPs have had and think of all that you’ve done for us, putting my nerves to one side is the very least that I can do to say thank you.  There aren’t really the right words to express just how incredibly grateful we are to absolutely everybody who has made this Jumbulance ski trip possible.  I’m sure I speak on behalf of all of us when I say I am in absolute admiration of the work, dedication and selflessness that goes into making an amazing trip like this so successful.

Some of the greatest challenges in life are often compared to mountains, and when you live with a physical and or learning disability, day to day life can be a struggle, but you teach us to work with those mountains. Being able to leave our wheelchairs behind and experience the fun and freedom of adaptive skiing, to me there really is no greater feeling.  You enable us to leave our disability behind and out there on the mountains we just feel so free.  You always take the time to celebrate our achievements but we think you are the ones who deserve a medal. Please never underestimate the phenomenal difference that you make. We leave with so much more than we came with and that’s all thanks to you. You have enabled us to achieve more than we every dreamed would be possible!


Sarah Kidd, Participant

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