Coast to coast walk in October 2011

Over 12 days 15 volunteers including 2 Trustees and 3 of our drivers walked 184 miles across England from St Bees on the West Coast to Robin Hoods Bay on the East to raise funds for the purchase of our new Jumbulance in January.

Through torrential rain and howling gales, up steep inclines and down muddy slopes, through wild moorland and unbelievably beautiful and unspoilt scenery, this stalwart band have followed their umperturbable leader, sometimes getting lost but never for long, and all sustained each day by the back-up team with food and drink. No matter the aching limbs and huge blisters they all agreed it was worth it and they deserve our congratulations and thanks. A total of over £30,000 was raised towards the purchase of the new Jumbulance.

See below for some of the many photographs taken on the way or click here to see all the photos.