Help promote Jumbulance

We understand that not everyone is able, due to circumstances, to take time off work and give up their time to help others on a Jumbulance holiday.

There are still many other ways in which you can help the Jumbulance Trust.

Ways you can help

  • Promoting the Jumbulance Trust at local churches, schools or colleges with a short presentation during services or assemblies or simply disseminating information.
  • Promoting the Trust at social and sporting events and at local events and exhibitions.
  • Placing posters on notice boards in local hospitals, care homes or day centres.
  • Approaching local authorities and care homes to inform them about our specialised vehicles and the potential use of them.
  • Arranging for a goodwill visit with a Jumbulance.
  • Arranging for a street collection for the Trust.
  • Having a collecting box for the Trust in your place of work.
  • Promoting the Jumbulance Trust with your Company for ‘matched giving’.

Promotional visits

If you are interested in having a Jumbulance at exhibitions or for a goodwill visit, we are happy to arrange this.

For more information about promoting the Jumbulance please speak to us today.