Travel with us

The Trust is a registered Charity with a TradeMark name and our main activity is to provide specialist, unique transport specifically designed, built and equipped to enable those who are disabled or ill to travel both long and short distances in safety and comfort with the benefit of volunteer carers from all walks of life with comprehensive and appropriate access and toilet facilities and emergency medical equipment.

You can hire a Jumbulance for your disabled holiday or accessible outings as we have 2 large modern Jumbulances available for groups to use as a form of accessible transport. Each is a luxury coach/ambulance which offers facilities that make disabled holidays possible for those who need extra care and specialist facilities up to a maximum of 23, excluding the drivers.

We employ friendly, caring and experienced drivers who understand the needs of the disabled and sick. The Jumbulances are suitable for long distance travel throughout Europe, often driving throughout the night, but are also available for use in the UK where their more comprehensive facilities would be advantageous.

Disabled Holidays in Europe

You can hire a Jumbulance for a longer period perhaps to take a group on a holiday or pilgrimage to places all over mainland Europe as far as Poland, Austria and Italy.

Disabled Holidays in the UK

A Jumbulance is perfect for taking a party to see local places of interest or maybe disabled supporters of your favourite sports club to watch a match or sporting event.

The unique and special features include:

  • Wide platform lift for ease of access

  • Fully adjustable trolley beds

  • Reclining seats with extra legroom

  • Spacious wheelchair accessible toilet/washroom

  • Comprehensive emergency medical equipment including heart start and suction units, oxygen etc

  • Kitchen for preparing small meals and drinks

  • Generous storage for wheelchairs and luggage

  • Mobile hoist

  • PA system

  • Air conditioning

You can find out more about hiring a jumbulance by calling 01582 765423 or filling out a contact form.