Travel with us – Q & A

How can I travel on the Jumbulance? 

Our accessible Jumbulance coaches can be hired out by groups, such as charities and hospices, for day trips and longer breaks within the UK and Europe. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Individuals can also apply to travel on a Jumbulance trip by completing this travel application form. Once we have received your form, we will put you in touch with a relevant group or charity that suits your needs. 

What disabilities are eligible?

Almost anything. Whilst we are set up principally for physical disabilities, we are more than happy to take anyone on holiday who would enjoy and benefit including mental illness and sensory impairment such as blindness.

 How much does it cost?

Cost for participants depends upon the particular trip. If additional funding is available by a particular group then this is passed on to everyone travelling.

 What is included in the cost?

Again, this varies from trip to trip but in most cases the fare covers half board in a hotel or other accommodation, all travel, most entry into attractions and trips etc. and generally meals and drinks on the journey. It also generally covers the cost of the volunteer carers and nurses to look after you.

 Do I need to bring my own carer?

You may bring your own carer, a friend or family member if you wish but we will try and provide one for you if this is not possible.

 If The Trust provides a carer for me are they dedicated to me all week?

No, not entirely. Whilst generally you will have a principal carer to take care of you and share a room with you they are part of the group also, are there as a volunteer and are paying their own expenses, so we expect volunteers to be treated with respect and consideration, allowed some free time and to enjoy themselves as much as you are.  You will ALWAYS be properly cared for however.

 Can I bring my electric wheelchair?

In most cases yes but there are some restrictions. Obviously, we can’t have EVERYONE bring an electric chair as we can’t store them all.  For shorter journeys – UK and nearer Europe such as Holland and Brittany for example – you may travel in your electric chair.  For longer journeys like Austria and Italy the group leaders will make a decision about who most needs to have their electric chair stored in luggage, so that we can get more stretcher beds in the Jumbulance for people to sleep on.  If you have to bring a manual chair there will always be someone able to push you.

 Is there a baggage allowance?

No there is no allowance. But luggage space on the Jumbulances, whilst very large, is not infinite.  If there is something additional you need to bring, like a walker or commode, please let us know and we’ll do our best to fit it in.

 What about travel insurance?

The Trust will provide you with their own comprehensive travel insurance that covers cancellation and also medical treatment abroad and to bring you back if the need arises. This cost varies depending on the trip (for example its higher for skiing) but  is clearly noted as an extra cost to pay.