WHY VOLUNTEER with Jumbulance for your holiday?

The Jumbulance Trust offers fun, social, and unforgettable charity volunteer trips. Our many volunteers over decades of operating, speak of truly rewarding and life changing experiences. If you are seeking a trip like no other, supporting disabled and life-limited people of all ages enjoy otherwise inaccessible holidays, trips and experiences across the UK and Europe, read more of our volunteer testimonials, and get in touch.

Our Assisted Travellers include people of all ages from disabled community and regional groups, schools, care homes and hospices around the UK and Ireland. Our Jumbulance adventures go as far and wide as England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and into Europe – including trips to Disneyland® Paris, Germany, Austria, Holland and (our founding trip) Lourdes.


Volunteer holidays on Jumbulance accessible coaches literally “open doors” for our VIPs and participants – and gives everyone the chance to look ahead, do something extraordinary and unexpected, make friends and have fun in a sociable and safe environment.



You will make a real difference to some of the most disadvantaged in our society.


Holidays on a Jumbulance trip can be hard work and incredibly rewarding.


A Jumbulance holiday involves a lot of fun and laughter throughout!

A Volunteer's Story

Anne Marie, from Devon, first experienced a Jumbulance trip as a younger woman on a trip to Lourdes – and found it an unforgettable and deeply moving experience. Years later, she decided to volunteer again – and as a keen skier booked herself on an adventure taking disabled travellers to Niderau in Austria.

“I can be a naturally reserved person – or so I thought; not the first person in the room to immediately introduce myself or be the extrovert. I also had some assumptions about the disabled and sick people I would be accompanying – which were quickly erased!

“Right away, we found ourselves bonding on the journey. We made fast friends, and the atmosphere was pure joy, laughs, and I found myself getting stuck in right away. And – to my surprise – I had no desire to get on the slopes myself; instead dressed in my snowsuit supporting our travellers on the lower parts of the mountain to have their personal best experience!”

“I feel like I’ve found my ‘tribe’.”

“I connected with people who had a range of impairments and additional needs, but – as anyone who has spent time with a disabled friend, relative, or volunteered with disabled people  – it really is society which is disabling. With the right support in terms of equipment and accessibility – everyone can bring adventure into their lives.

“I learned so much about myself – and realised I enjoy being empathetic, connecting and helping others. To some friends’ surprise – my annual holidays now are Jumbulance trips, and I can’t wait to go on the next one! We’re off to a festival next, and I feel like I’ve found my ‘tribe’.”

Volunteering Q&A

ANYONE can volunteer! As long as you generally fit and healthy and willing to work hard absolutely anyone can help out.  You would need to be ‘DBS’ (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked, however, which we can administer for you

Volunteers need to be over 16 but there’s no upper limit as long as you are reasonably able.

Volunteering to help someone who needs extra help is rewarding and while hard work and sometimes emotional, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to make friends and put something back into the community.  For those seeking a career in the care sector or nursing it is not only tremendous experience for the future but can often form part of your education targets.

None at all. You will not be expected to do anything medical unless you are volunteering as a trained nurse or doctor.  As a carer you just need patience, empathy and a good sense of humour.  If you are a first time or relative novice volunteer you will only be given something to do well within your capabilities and comfort, and there’s always someone with lots of experience, or medical skills if needed, to assist and support you

Just to work hard, laugh, care, laugh, push a wheelchair or two, make tea, laugh, and make a difference to people who want to experience a holiday and make friends.

Cost for volunteers depends upon the particular trip but in almost all cases we do ask for an amount to cover accommodation and basic costs, but its always subsidised by the group or the trust to some extent and where possible we’ll help if we can, or help you find some funding. Many volunteers fundraise (using JustGiving for example) to pay for their ‘fare’

Again, this varies from trip to trip but in most cases the fare covers half board in a hotel or other accommodation, all travel, most entry into attractions and trips etc. and generally meals and drinks on the journey.

Generally the job involves caring for someone on a relatively one to one basis, with help and support as needed. Pushing wheelchairs, perhaps helping to transfer someone from wheelchair to seat or bed, it might involve feeding someone and also possibly personal care too. But no one insists you do this – its only if and when you feel comfortable to help in this way.

In a word, YES! Absolutely, definitely! For many participants this is their only holiday. It might be their first or it might be their last. For younger people it might be their first time outside of the UK or their first time away from parents. It might be the first visit to a beach or shopping centre or anything. It is immeasurable the difference some fun and laughter can make to someone who has a lonely life at home for the rest of the year. You will make travel possible.

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As an accessible holiday and travel charity, we bring joy to many of our passengers by providing transport for their voyage and making many memories along the way. Got a group trip to an event this year and are unsure of how you will get there? Our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

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